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Instrumentation, Control and Automation

The company is involved in the installation of industrial process controls inclusive of systems integration and design. The vision was to be part and parcel of the country's entry into and growth in a technologically based industrial and commercial development. The corporation has been successful in establishing relationships, developed over the years, in most instances as the exclusive manufacturer's representative in the Philippines, with well regarded and better known corporate names in the industrial automation, control and instrumentation field.

The experience of the technical support staff is not limited to the Philippines, having been assigned from time to time as the need arose to projects in various countries around Asia and as far as India. They have been assigned to land-based industrial projects as well as on offshore oil rigs involving various permutations of instrumentation and control products all hooked up together and working as complete systems.

We have now established a solid reputation consistent with the corporate image we project and can offer among others the following integrated services:

     1. Instrumentation and process control automation consultancy
     2. Industrial control automation and instrumentation system design, both conventional analogue and digital
     3. Equipment / Controllers / Software / Instrument selection, matching, sourcing supply & integration
     4. Control panel design, fabrication assembly and testing
     5. Programmable Logic Controller & Human Machine Interface Control & Application Programming
     6. Installation and commissioning of control & instrumentation systems
     7. Routine, emergency, scheduled and preventive control systems maintenance
     8. Water Supply System: 
              o  Systems integration, installation & commissioning of instrumentation, control & automation which may be inclusive of SCADA & Telemetry
     9. Rail Transport Systems: 
              o  Installation & commissioning of Catenary systems 
              o  Signaling and train control systems 
              o  Telecommunications
     10. Power Plants: 
              o Systems integration, installation & commissioning of total power plant Instrumentation, Control and Automation

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